Welcome to Grand Advertising!

Grand specializes in corporate and residential face to face community advertising network in markets ranging from leisure to entertainment fashion to health care, fast food to service stations.

We are a company that operates throughout several cities in India with unique concept. Some of our clients are smoking Joes, US Pizzas, Holiday resorts, group of hotels, health care and Automobile Sector i.e. 2 wheeler & 4 wheeler. We are able to increase your turn over from anywhere between 20% to over a 100% depending upon the size of the establishment. We developed an exclusive brochure.

  • Recover lapsed or infrequent customer back again.
  • General customer frequency and loyalty.
  • Increase local market share vis a vis your competitors.
  • Increase turnover in under-performing location by up to 50%.
  • Increase bottom line profits by increasing capacity utilization.
  • Increase the neighborhood to new management, new décor, new product line etc.
  • Sustain local advertising when National marketing budget is reduced.

Upon completion of the campaign our clients receive a report of the percentage of the NEW customers versus REGULAR customer that purchased the 'Grand Customer Loyalty Programme'.



Bajaj | Director - 11th Jan 2011
"We are pleased to have services from grand advertising, our gross profit is increased remarkably."

Kothari Honda | Manager - 15th April 2011
"We thank Grand advertising for their continuous service and support, our customers are almost doubled."